The Nam Khan Ecofarm

Eco farming in relatively new, holistic approach to farming. It proposes nurturing symbiotic species and implementing all possible methods that help regeneration of an ecosystem. The idea is to maintain biodiversity in food production and farming in general which is of importance for Laos.

An interesting fact is that Laos has to import fruits and vegetables to keep up with the demand.


Agriculture in Laos is dominated by production of rice which endangers diversity of our ecosystem. By cultivating only one plant, over the years the quality of the soil can be seriously lowered ant the sustainability of the yields endangered. At the same time, focus on growing rice is not helping farmers to earn enough means for decent life giving the fact that they are heavily dependent of one food specie. In total this proved to be inefficient practice that is creating new obstacles instead of removing the existing ones.


This is exactly the problem that Nam Khan Eco farm wants to challenge and overcome.


Our Eco farm will be highly diversified meaning that we will be devoted to growing tropical fruits, vegetables, roots  and herbs in order to enrich the supply of farming products.


Also, depending on the demand,  we will stimulate further expansion of eco farms by utilizing a nucleus contract farming model. We will grow, test and experiment on the growing but also on the food processing side – positive results will be multiplied together with local farmers under the principals of the Nam Kham foundation.


Things we want to grow will be chosen systematically in order to support sustainability of our ecosystem.


Here are only some of the items you will be able to find with us:


Fruits – banana, papaya, mango, grapefruit, dragon fruit, watermelon, honey melon, passion fruit, strawberries, lemons, lime  etc.


Vegetables – Avocado, tomatoes, chilies, cucumber, various salads, artichoke, zucchini, eggplant, onions, potatoes, paprika, root vegetables, etc.


Herbs – persil, basilica, lemon grass, dill, lavender, rosemary, Asian and Chinese herbs, etc.


Spices – ginger, curcuma, pepper, garlic, Asian spices, etc.


Flowers – orchids and roses are only some of the species we will offer on our farm.


At the moment we are testing over 100 different vegetables.


This is way we will help farmers to expand their knowledge, enrich the supply of the products they are offering and to find reliable partners for the future.


Works in Progress

A first storage shed is under construction to support the green houses.

One of our 3 water dwells producing mineral quality drinking water with a PH level of over nearly 8.

Underground waste water cleaning tanks and Rain water usage tanks will be installed on the property.

New fences nearly 3 km of length have been installed around the plot.

The land for the installation of 9 green houses in April 2017 has been prepared.

Since end of 2016 landscaping works are being done to prepare the land for its future purpose.

At the moment the land is connected to the municipal electricity and water system.