Work for the Nam Khan Project:

Work for the Nam Khan Project:


Nature requests dedication. It requests persistence and responsibility. The Nam Khan Project is hoping to extend the group of individuals working in Laos/LuangPrabang building the Nam Khan Village and Eco cultivate.

The Nam Khan Project is searching for dynamic, inventive, forward looking, committed and comes about situated people. On the off chance that you are somebody who can bring energy and a great deal of tolerance, are appearing to be a piece of a gathering of individuals committed to the earth, nature and have a healthy way to deal with building an eco-accommodating setting, at that point Nam Khan is the place you have a place!

Please note that we only employ Laotions. We provide free lunch to our farm staff as well as English classes. There is also accommodation if necessary.

Our carpentry and basket workshops are like training center for young people who are interested in learning the profession. Also, we offer education and train the staff of the center.


What is the NamKhan Project:


The NamKahn Project is permaculture ecofarm arranged in LuangPrabang Laos which is the foremost

instructive community for permaculture agribusiness in Laos. Other than that it has the NamKahn village with different workshops for carpentry or bamboo crate creation/training center, we have rooms for guests and gatherings. Arranged at the Nam Khan River only outside of LuangPrabang in Laos it likewise incorporates a major open affair space for guests with a professional flowerbed, outside spa, pool and unwinding territory, zones for different outside exercises.


Why Become Part of Nam Khan Project:


We offer reasonable treatment and working conditions, instruction, excellent staff welfare and opportunity to become a part of a large family. We emphatically support Laotion candidates.


Where is the NamKhan Project found:


Laos, the purported arrive bolted „forgotten” nation – north of Thailand is the home LuangPrabang – an ensured UNESCO world culture legacy site pretty much in the focal point of Laos – a little protected city amidst the wilderness where the two streams Mekong and NamKhan are meeting up.

The NamKhan ecofarm is around 5 km outside of LuangPrabang – extending along the NamKhan stream for around 1 km.


Volunteer or full time or low maintenance work:


We offer 3 sort of various conceivable outcomes in cooperating with us right now, which are the accompanying you work for us with a long haul contact as a general representative, since it is difficult to get working authorizations for outsiders in Laos we always lean toward Laotian national candidates over universal candidates if accessible you work for us as a period restricted volunteer generally in the vicinity of 1 and 3 months you work for us low maintenance worker or volunteer, which implies we procure you for unique assignments.


We are also looking for the following partners at the moment:

– outdoor spa/massage area operator who runs the spa in the botanical garden

– somebody who wants to run/rent our organic restaurant – we have a pretty clear idea of the setup, menu etc.

– yoga institutions or single teachers who want to set up workshops and longer running courses from 2018 onwards

– mindfulness meditation trainers/coaches who want to set up courses and or workshops from 2018 onwards

– tour operators who want to bring their groups to the land from Dec 2017 onwards see program on the …for tour operators…. Page

– tour operators who want to take the farm as a holiday destination for groups up to 20 people from fall 2018 onwards

– universities and colleagues who want to use the farm as a research, demonstration, education facility

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thank you very much for your interest