The Layout of the Nam Khan project


The farm with over 7 hectars of size stretches along the Nam Kahn river for about 1 km just outside Luang Prabang  – it is devided in the following areas:


Tropical fruits & herbs plantation

A diversified tropical fruit and herb plantation where we are growing a wide range of tropical fruits such as date palms, coconut palms, mangos, avocados, papayas, dragon fruits, pomelo, lime, lemon, etc. besides that a wide range of tropical but also European herbs are grown between the trees in the plantation area. 


Vegetable fields

Different vegetable fields where we grow root vegetables and various vegetables and salads, at this point we are testing over 100 different vegetables and variations of vegetables to find out which are suitable for the conditons we have in the area

Green House Area

Greenhouse area

9 greenhouses to ensure all year round production of certain vegetables and the production of seeds and seedlings are ordered. The green houses are due to be installed in April 2017 and first vegetable production should start in the middle of 2017.

Farm Area

Central farm buildings

A central farm area where we house the offices, educational facilities, workshops for carpenters, bakery, laboratory, experimental kitchen, product washing, packaging, processing, distribution and  storage of our vegetables as well as the living areas for our staff and volunteers


Experience area (public)

Our experience area and public space with a central swimming pool, 2 restaurants and Spa situated in a botanical garden stretching along the Nam Khan for over 400 m ending in a river beach club, offering the guest the option to enjoy the garden and pool area or visit workshops, the farm, cooking school,  yoga classes etc. 


Hotel rooms

16  spacious 5 star hotel rooms spread over the estate in 8 cottages hosting 2 suites each are planed to be finished in 2018. On of the big purposes of the rooms is to accommodate small international events on the site.