The Nam Khan Village

Review of the NamKhan Settlement:


The NamKhan settlement is under development since start of 2017, different structures, for example, our common kitchen, stockpiling units, carpentry, different visitor structures and settlement for neighborhood staff are done and in operation. The NamKhan “settlement” is the range on the place that is known for the NamKhan project where we have all our homestead related structures, for example, the herb, bloom or vegetable preparing structures, a little nourishment creation zone, where Jams, Sauces, vegetable sustenance items can be delivered on a little scale in a domain which is universally affirmed for nourishment generation the workshops, stockpiling structures and cool houses the settlement are for our visitors eatery and patio the instructive focus kids and youth focus the ranch shop and workplaces


Where is the NamKhan settlement found?


Laos, the alleged land bolted „forgotten” nation – north of Thailand is the home LuangPrabang – an ensured UNESCO world culture legacy site (active logo and connection) pretty much in the focal point of Laos – a little protected city amidst the wilderness where the two waterways Mekong and NamKhan are meeting up. The NamKhanecofarm is around 5 km outside of LuangPrabang – extending along the NamKhan stream for around 1 km.


How huge is the NamKhan Settlement?


The NamKhan settlement isn’t an official town, we simply call it the NamKhan town since it is the land focus of the NamKhan project. It is situated on the ranch place that is known for the NamKhan ecofarm and has every one of the capacities and structures which are said on this page and more in detail following beneath on this page.

The structures of the NamKhan town in detail:


Sustenance handling/stockpiling structures:


Here the natural products, vegetables, herbs or blossoms touch base after they have been gathered. They are arranged, washed and arranged for their further purposes – it is possible that they are sold available, to neighborhood eateries or lodging or in our own particular eatery or they are set up for additionally preparing relying upon the item. As last advance we will assemble a little sustenance preparing unit where we can create little generation keeps running in an adaptable domain such us Marmalade, Fruit mixes, vegetable sauces and so on under guaranteed sterile conditions – this unit is planned to be done in March 2018.

Another item zone on which we will focus are dried culinary and restorative herbs for which a different building is planned. Other than that we have cool houses and capacity structures Instructive structures and workshops:

Our instructive focus with 2 inside classrooms an investigation territory and a little library and outside classroom are additionally arranged in the town. A focal piece of our idea are our workshops which are completely operational units however which are likewise utilized for teaching and preparing Laotian nationals in abilities like carpentry, furniture building, wood works bamboo handling, bamboo furniture and wicker container creation blossom workshop.


Lodging, living territory and overnight visitor zone:


For overnight visitors who visit us for a workshop or a course or who are quite recently seeking an occasion on our homestead we have dozing offices for up to 25 visitors right now. We have 2 spaces for a solitary visitor, 4 spaces for 2 individuals, 1 space for 6 individuals and one for 8 individuals. The rooms have a lavatory and toilets appended.


Youth training focus:


For offspring of our visitors or our specialists we have our kids/youngsters range with a classroom, a little library and study room in addition to a play area for the little ones.




An eatery is arranged on a gigantic porch disregarding the Nam Khan stream. In the eatery zone we serve breakfast, lunch and supper for our guests. We serve solid natural nourishment, as much as we would we be able to give from our homestead. The kitchen is a combination of Asiatic and European present day kitchen.


The NamKhan cultivate shop:


In the ranch shop guests or inhabitants can purchase our homestead items, stock and items from our workshops.


Recreation Area


There will be a recreation area with beach volleyball court, a sand badminton court, 2 petanque courts, a natural outdoor gym. Other activities include an adventure playground, changing rooms, shower etc.

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