Bandonkeo village near Luang Prabang Laos next to the NamKhan Project

NamKhan Village Luang Prabang

Review of the NamKhan Village Luang Prabang

NamKhan Village Luang Prabang is the area on the land of the NamKhan Project where we we host all our farm related buildings. is under development. Since the start of 2017, different structures, such as, our common kitchen, stockpiling units, carpentry workshop, different visitor structures and settlement for neighborhood staff have finished and some are in operation. The NamKhan “settlement” is where we have all of our homestead related structures. This “settlement” includes the herb, bloom or vegetable preparing structures, stockpiling structures, cool houses, and a nourishment creation zone, where jams, sauces, and vegetable sustenance items are available on a minor scale in a domain which is universally famous for nourishment generation. The “settlement” is also home to an eatery and a patio.


Where is the NamKhan Village found?


Laos, the land locked or “forgotten” nation just north of Thailand, is the home Luang Prabang– an ensured Luang Prabang – an ensured UNESCO world culture legacy site (active logo and connection).  Luang Prabang is a cozy, protected city amidst the wilderness where the Mekong and NamKhan Rivers meet. The NamKhan Eco Farm is around 5 km outside of Luang Prabang and extends along the NamKhan River.


How Large is the NamKhan Village?


It isn’t an official village, we simply call it the NamKhan Village because it is the epicenter of Project. It is situated on the main developed area within the NamKhan Eco Farm and has all the capacities and structures which were previously stated and more in greater detail following below.


The Structures of the NamKhan Village in Detail


Sustenance handling/stockpiling structures:

Here , we receive and gather the the natural products (fruits, vegetables, herbs and blossoms) in addition , the workers wash and arrange them for further usage. There are many uses of them such as they will be available for sale to neighborhood eateries or hotels or for use in our own eatery. We will assemble a sustenance preparing unit where we can create marmalade, fruit mixes, vegetable sauces, among other products, under guaranteed sterile conditions and our team will complete this unit in March 2018. We have planned a different building for our other area of focus i.e. a dry culinary and restorative herbs and we will have cool houses, capacity structures, instruction centers and workshops.

Our instruction will be held in two classrooms i.e. an investigation territory, and a library. Our workshops, complete units, are utilized for teaching in abilities, such as, carpentry, furniture building, bamboo handcrafts and floral arrangements.


Lodging, living territory and overnight visitor zone:


For overnight visitors who visit us for a workshop or a course or who are simply visiting our homestead, we will have housing for up to 25 visitors. The complex will have 2 single rooms, 4 double rooms, 1 six bed dorm and 1 eight bed dorm. The rooms have a bathroom.


Youth training focus:

For children, we have a kids’ zone i.e. a classroom, a library and our project has a play area. Based on English lessons , we follow the ‘Let’s Go’ series of books published by Oxford University Press. Thousands of children all around the world have learnt from these books with a high degree of success and enjoyment. The children learn conversation, reading , writing and singing in English and they simultaneously build a understanding of grammar.




Our eatery is accompanied by a vast, but lovely porch overlooking the NamKhan River. Here, we will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to our guests. We will serve natural nourishment from our homestead. The kitchen is a combination of Asiatic and European present day cuisine.


The NamKhan cultivation shop:


In the village shop, guests can purchase our natural produce or items from our workshops.


Recreation Area:


There will be a recreation area with a beach volleyball court, a sand badminton court, petanque courts, and gym. Other facilities include a swimming pool, an adventure playground, yoga platforms, changing rooms, and showers.

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