The Nam Khan Experience

From the beginning we try to build our project like a complete experience day, where you can feel the nature,smell the flowers and herbs, relax you with the sound of the river and observe the wild life in a context where everything is on balance, a place where you can learn about the country where you are, the richness of their land, of their food and their people.


We develop every corner to offer you the best, where you can recover not only your body, your mind and soul.


You became part of the vision of Nam Khan experience , join the day time walking in our Botanical garden, smelling the variety of the herbs that we planting for cooking and medicinal use.
A beautiful walk surrounded of a great variety of tropical fruits, mangos, papayas, dragon fruit, bananas, coconuts, date palms….


In our panels, where you can read and have a better understanding of the fruits and herbs that is growing in Nam Khan Foundation.
You can rest in our magic spaces created to bring you in a smooth relaxation before to choose your treatment in our spa, taking care of your body with the best therapy, using natural products.


A natural pond specially design to keep the environment in harmony, with the plants and animals, that connect our botanical garden with the natural infinity swimming pool, where you can refresh yourself, swimming loosing with the view of the Nam Khan river.


Experience a tasteful organic food in our restaurant, with the guarantee of quality and innovation cooking , fresh products coming directly from our own production, fresh bread , vegetables and fruits.


Take a moment to lay down in our riverside lounge, or in our library with the best selection of books .

Enjoy your holidays in one of our luxurious bungalows in the middle of a botanical garden surrounded by a eco farm next to the world heritage site Luang Prabang.


Or choose our hammocks in the beach club area, join our fresh and natural cocktails with the best sound involving the magic sunset reflected in Nam Khan river and just come by a few hours to spend the afternoon.


The experience space will offer many possibilities to enjoy and be part of the nature and educate your self on various themes if you are interested.